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Welcome to the official site of the UCSD Pepband. We’re back at it for another great year!


UCSD Pepband

We are a student run organization that provides exciting musical and visual entertainment to our audiences. Established in 1983, we have built a strong organization that serves as a major source of UCSD school spirit and a place for students to continue participating in a musical ensemble.
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Our weekly rehearsals during the school year are usually at 7:00 pm on Tuesdays in the RIMAC Green Room.

Come check us out any time of the year! We rehearse new songs all the time to prep for our countless gigs.

Showing up to our weekly rehearsal is the easiest way to join the band, and we will take you no matter what instrument you play.

Main Events!

Men’s Volleyball vs. UCLA
When: Tuesday, Jan. 16th
Where: RIMAC Arena
Closet: 6:30 pm
Call: 6:45pm

Basketball Double Header vs. Stanislaus St.
When: Thursday, Jan. 18th
Where: RIMAC
Women’s Closet time: 5 pm
Women’s Call: 5:15 pm
Men’s Call: 7:15pm

Men’s Volleyball vs. UCSC
When: Friday, Jan. 19th
Where: RIMAC
Closet: 6:30pm
Call: 6:45 pm

Men’s Volleyball vs. Concordia
When: Saturday, Jan. 20th
Where: RIMAC
Closet: 630 pm
Call: 645 pm