The UCSD Pepband was founded in 1983 as part of the Music Department. For the first few years, band members came from all parts of the UCSD community: undergrads, grad students, med students, faculty, staff, and alumni all in fairly even numbers. Over time, membership shifted to primarily undergrad students. Rehearsals were held in Mandeville Hall, and the band would perform at athletics events in Main Gym, the occasional away game, and various community events. The band existed under the Music Department for a decade, eventually seceding due to budget cuts and successive leadership changes.

In 1994, the band was re-established as a student-run organization supported by Intercollegiate Athletics. Initially working out of the offices in Main Gym, the construction of RIMAC in 1995 gave the band a new home, with the Green Room for a rehearsal space and a closet for equipment storage. Largely this is the band as it is known today. Over the next couple years the website and mailing lists were established, and the band started its tradition of playing at Picnic Day at UC Davis.

Oddly enough the last time a written history of the band was compiled was in 1998. Many thanks to Mike “Sparky” Sklar for that. If you’re interested in a more… colorful (and complete) history of the band up to that point you can check out the full version here.

While the body of available text may be lacking, photographic evidence of the band since then has been collected at an exponentially increasing rate. You can see these galleries here.

1998-2006: Researching…

As of 2006 (and assuredly earlier), the band has thrived. Boasting a large pool of members, the band can be seen at dozens of events throughout the year. The music library is updated with a few new songs every year by student arrangers. The structure of the officer corps has been mostly the same, with Peptide replacing Equipment Manager and the Historian position expanding to two people in 2008. The annual Davis trip has become a hugely popular event, with elaborate themes, decorations, and costumes being devised by band members every Spring. For reaaal specific stuff check out my attempt at getting some words down about recent years here.