Officers 2012-2013

Meet the Officers

The UCSD Pepband is a student-run organization. The officer corps for the coming year is elected by band members at the end of the previous school year. The lead positions of Manager, Assistant Manager, and Treasurer are required to be current undergraduates at UCSD. There are no term limits, but graduation often imposes a practical limit to each officer’s personal reign of terror.


Neil Salvador

Qualifications: Neil spends altogether too much time on the internet, but he’s getting some kind of management degree so we’ll let that slide. When not talking about reddit or some game with exploding (?) discs (??), he’s drumming. NEIL! The Drum Solo of Life!Job description: The Manager is the leader of the band. They are in charge of organizing events and dealing with anyone who needs to be dealt with. The Manager tends to get their greedy little hands into a bit of everything.

Assistant Manager

Michael “Bob” Yep

Qualifications: Yep…. But in all seriousness, Bob “Michael” Yep built a thing one time, and now he’s that Bob. Bob single-handedly upped the band’s freshness level to somewhere between “clean” and “so fresh”.

Job description: The Assistant Manager, aside from assisting the Manager in any way necessary is in charge of planning social events and the famous trip to Davis for Picnic Day.


Rose Hill

Qualifications: Last year Rose ran on a platform of utter moral bankruptcy, aiming to transition to fiscal bankruptcy. Now that she’s been elected for a second term, we here in the band have nobody to blame but ourselves when the ship goes down. It’s been an honor, gentlemen.Job description: The treasurer is in charge of managing the bank account. Duh.


Lilla Orr

Qualifications: Remember that one plot arc in Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin gets a propeller beanie, but can’t fly with it? Don’t ask us how, but Lilla here can. We think it might be her 1/36 Apache (helicopter) heritage.Job description: The secretary takes minutes at officer meetings, takes attendance, writes letters when they need to be written, and supposedly sends out birthday cards on the birthdays of our members.


Ryland Fallon

Qualifications: Millions of years ago into the future your people spoke of an ancient prophecy wherein a young alto sax player served as Assistant Manager to the UCSD Pep Band. But his ominous return was also foretold, or maybe suggested, when the “web” “site” of the band had some problems with the photo thingy. Now possessing the powers of a wizard after years of training, in exile, or school or whatever, he serves again as Master and Commander of the Far Side of the Internet.Job description: The webslave is in charge of keeping the website up to date. They are also in charge of handling any problems with the mailing list, and being the laziest officer of them all.


Tsukasa Takahashi & Areana Park

Qualifications: Cryogenically frozen in 2009 at the peak of his Treasurer and Officer abilities, Tsukasa was to be the perfect candidate to rebuild the band after the Mayan apocalypse in 2012. Unfortunately, the repeated power outages earlier this year woke him up early, and while he’s still quite functional, we’ve decided to only have him be Historian.Areana Park, rising star of the trumpet section, rounds out the one-two trumpet punch (?) of the historian tag team cage match battle… duo. What was I saying?

Job description: The historians are in charge of taking pictures to document pep band events. They are also in charge of creating the quarterly (yearly) scrapbooks.

Music Librarian

Robert “Bob-o” Reid

Qualifications: Now that there’s two Bobs in the band this got real complicated, so we’re gonna only use “Bob-o” now. Talk to him about music! He’ll talk to you about music.Job description: The music librarian is in charge of making, updating and distributing our music to pep band members.

Public Relations Manager

Natalie Warsinger-Pepe

Qualifications: Wailin’ on a sweet tenor sax and generally takin’ no guff from anybody (nobody?), Natalie seemed perfect to manage our contact with (read: extort money from) event planners.Job description: The PR manager is responsible for organizing events and promotions outside of athletics. This includes mostly community events.


Thinh Le

Qualifications: A chemical element with the symbol Sn (for Latin: stannum) and atomic number 50. It is a main group metal in group 14 of the periodic table. Thinh shows chemical similarity to both neighboring group 14 elements… (from If exposed to even small amounts of a certain organic compound, will become totally inert.Job description: The peptide is responsible for being our liaison with the other spirit groups on campus. They are also charged with being ‘pep’ incarnate and making sure the band shows measurably excessive spirit during gigs. Additionally they help new band members out as needed.

Head Conductor

Lindsay Hickok

Qualifications: Another repeat offen… officer from last year, Lindsay now runs a real risk of violating the Conductor’s Three Strikes Law. If she conducts another year she’ll be sent to Conductor Prison, which honestly after being here would be like a vacation.Job description: The head conductor keeps the other conductors in line, plans what music we need to rehearse and, obviously, conducts the band.


Kirk Wang

Qualifications: When Supreme Beloved Leader-Father Kirk Wang was born, there was a triple rainbow over the hills in San Diego and probably like 5 new stars in the sky, making a new constellation that we’re gonna say looks like a trombone. Destined to lead the UCSD Pepband. With a brass fist.Job description: The Director, by virtue of being old and not an undergrad, adds that extra ounce of credibility when dealing with The Man.