Officers 2016-2017

Meet the Officers

The UCSD Pepband is a student-run organization. The officer corps for the coming year is elected by band members at the end of the previous school year. The lead positions of Manager, Assistant Manager, and Treasurer are required to be current undergraduates at UCSD. There are no term limits, but amazingly enough, some people actually leave the band after they graduate.



Kevin “K Pez” Perozo

Qualifications: Kevin is the kind of manager you want when you don’t want to be told what to do without a smile. But first you have to wade through a swath of references you will probably miss the first time through. He’s got a smile on his face at all times and if you say hi, you will probably get to hear his signature “Hello!” voice. 
Job description: The Manager is the leader of the band. He is in charge of organizing events and dealing with anyone who needs to be dealt with all the problems we don’t want to deal with. He does some heavy lifting, that’s for sure.

Assistant Manager

Chris Gross

Qualifications: Everyone hates Chris… is a great show. Luckily the same can’t be said here, since Chris is so liked that we made him our assistant manager. Hobbies include playing sax, waving his hands like a magician, and assistant managing. A former conductor, Chris knows what needs to be done, and how to make sure it gets done. 
Job description: The Assistant Manager, aside from assisting the Manager in any way necessary, is in charge of planning social events and the famous trip to Davis for Picnic Day.


Melissa “Moe” Belshee

Qualifications: Melissa will mess you up if you try to get in the way of her money. If we were pirates and I needed someone to defend my treasure, I’d for sure have Melissa do it. Peter Pan wouldn’t stand a chance. As long as you don’t try to ask her for money, you’ll get along great! 
Job description: The treasurer is in charge of protecting the band’s treasure finances. Duh.


Alyssa Torres

Qualifications: Have a snapchat? Get one. You’re missing out on everything ranging from snapcats to pep hangouts to complaining about how hot her hometown is. After joining Pepband as a trombone player, Alyssa had a particularly vivid dream about Ringo Starr and decided that hitting things with sticks was her true calling.
Job description: The secretary takes minutes at officer meetings, takes attendance, writes letters when they need to be written, and supposedly sends out birthday cards on the birthdays of our members.

Media Manager

Ryan Willett

Qualifications: A one of a kind species (only for this year I guess) I introduce the only slightly-less-lazy-than-webmaster role of Media Manager! I’m a CS major, I guess that’s all the qualification I needed. Also I know how to read. So there. Are you proud yet? 
Job description: The Media Manager combines the roles of Webslave and Librarian in a one of a kind hybrid role that has never before graced itself in the presence of pep. I manage the website, make sure it stays updated, and I manage our music library.


Nathan Walker & Allison Deogaygay

Qualifications: Allison can usually be found pretending to be some kind of pet, usually a dog or a cat. That’s ok though because that means she can catch the artsiest angles around. Nathan, meanwhile, can be sure to capture the tops of ALL your heads, since he’s an awfully tall guy. More importantly, he has mastered the art of the “smolder” and will make you swoon at his selfies. 
Job description: The historians are in charge of taking pictures to document pep band events. They are also in charge of creating the quarterly (yearly) scrapbooks, being spirited, and helping with new member integration.

Public Relations Manager

Laura Thapa

Qualifications: Professional memer and connoisseur of trap musique, Laura is able to connect the band and communicate in any language by using her experience of language development on the internet. With her wide eyes, she is able to get the best gigs by implementing the classic “puppy dog eyes” persuasion tactic. 
Job description: The PR manager is responsible for organizing events and promotions outside of athletics. These are mostly community events.


Dylan Greicius & Ian Martin

Qualifications: Big D, and Ian are the type of conductors who will revolutionize pep, bringing us to the next level of classy. Ian will bring his usual dapper self, beard included, and wave a stick at your face until you play it right. Big D, trying to match, brought in a baton and over the summer, grew his own beard to contend with the reigning champion of beards, his partner in crime. Together, these two have undertaken the most difficult mission available: making us sound good. May the wind forever fill your sails, and may scissors stay far away from Ian’s beard. Big D, there really is no competition here, sorry. 
Job description: The conductors plan what music we need to rehearse, and, obviously, conduct the band.


Kirk Wang

Qualifications: Three bari saxes, you hear him whisper. Think about it. His hot breath in your ear haunts you with his careless whipser, sticks to you,… convinces you? At this rate, Kirk Wang might just be the best contender for the 2016 presidential election.
Job description: The Director, by virtue of being old and not an undergrad, adds that extra ounce of credibility when dealing with The Man.


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