Officers 2017-2018

Meet the Officers

The UCSD Pepband is a student-run organization. The officer corps for the coming year is elected by band members at the end of the previous school year. The lead positions of Manager, Assistant Manager, and Treasurer are required to be current undergraduates at UCSD. There are no term limits, but amazingly enough, some people actually leave the band after they graduate.



Melissa Belshee

Qualifications: Melissa is this year’s manager. Despite her appearance she can actually be terrifying and isn’t afraid to lay down the law. She is a really cool person but also a Slytherin (she would know she read the books 10 times).
Job description: The Manager is the leader of the band. She is in charge of organizing events and dealing with anyone who needs to be dealt with all the problems we don’t want to deal with. She does some heavy lifting, that’s for sure.

Assistant Managers

Page Groeling & Nathan Walker

Qualifications: ’tis the first year we decided to have not one but TWO cheeks in our arsenal in the UCSD Pepband. This dynamic duo gets to plan social events for the Pepband to help us not hate eachother. They also plan the Pepband’s trip to the Battle of the Bands at UC Davis’ Picnic Day!
Job description: The Assistant Managers, aside from assisting the Manager in any way necessary, are in charge of planning social events and the famous trip to Davis for Picnic Day.


Cynthia Cortez

Qualifications: My name is Cynthia Cortez and I am S H O O K the fastest woman alive. To the outside world, I am an ordinary Pepband treasurer, but secretly with the help of my friends in S.T.A.R. Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me. I hunted down the man who killed my mother, but in doing so, I opened up our world to new threats, and I am the only one fast enough to stop them. I am The Flash kthxbai.
Job description: The treasurer is in charge of protecting the band’s treasure finances. Duh.


Mohamad Alayleh

Qualifications: The reign of Pepband secretaries being drummers continues. Succeeding Alyssa is Mohamad. This dude is legit one of the chillest people you will ever meet. Aside from playing kazoo, he also hits things with sticks and it sounds pretty good. He is in control of the Pepband iPad and takes attendance, so be nice to him as he is the one keeping track of your Davis points.
Job description: The secretary takes minutes at officer meetings, takes attendance, writes letters when they need to be written, and supposedly sends out birthday cards on the birthdays of our members.

Media Manager

Paul Wilson

Qualifications: Hi I’m Paul! I’m the idiot guy that everyone chose to run this website. I’m a second year who transferred into the Math-CS major that has way too little time on my hands because I’m always doing homework or playing video games. While I’m one of the tallest people in the band, I actually play the smallest instrument, so if you like hearing, don’t stand to my right when we play.
Job description: The Media Manager combines the roles of Webslave and Librarian in a one of a kind hybrid. I manage the website, make sure it stays updated, and I manage our music library.


Neya Suresh-Kumar & Matthew Williams

Qualifications: Neya types like exclamation marks are going out of style but that’s only because she’s really, really excited to meet all of you!!!! Matthew loves to take artsy photos of everyone and is always down for a good wave (from real people and the ocean!) Together, they take photos of the band and make us go from a 3 to a solid 5. They exist in a state of general excitement and are here to bring us all the fun events!
Job description: The historians are in charge of taking pictures to document pep band events. They are also in charge of creating the quarterly (yearly) scrapbooks, being spirited, and helping with new member integration.

Public Relations Manager

Allison Deogaygay

Qualifications: She sits on the mostly-full couch, not really talking to anyone. You squeeze in next to her and strike up some idle chatter. She notices your thigh touching hers, and come to think of it, your faces have never really been this close before… she blushes slightly and you pause just for a moment, locking eyes… later the rest of us discover what transpired, what we had always predicted with a little grin: precisely nothing. This girl is single so fellas please hit her up.
Job description: The PR manager is responsible for organizing events and promotions outside of athletics. These are mostly community events.


Ian “Big E” Martin & Ian “Little E” Hammock

Qualifications: This year we have Ian and Ian conducting the band. Honestly the band doesn’t know what to do with this much Ian in our lives. These guys get to wave their hands and to pretend like we are actually looking at them, which surprisingly happens sometimes.
Job description: The conductors plan what music we need to rehearse, and, obviously, conduct the band.


It’s ya boi Ryland Fallon

Qualifications: Our previous director, Kirk, stepped down last year so we needed to find a new one. We chose Ryland on the basis that he is hella old but still looks 20.
Job description: The Director, by virtue of being old and not an undergrad, adds that extra ounce of credibility when dealing with The Man.

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