Meet the Officers

The UCSD Pepband is a student-run organization. The officer corps for the coming year is elected by band members at the end of the previous school year. The lead positions of Manager, Assistant Manager, and Treasurer are required to be current undergraduates at UCSD. There are no term limits, but graduation often imposes a practical limit to each officer’s personal reign of terror.


Natalie Warsinger-Pepe

Qualifications: Natalie’s had her eye on the throne for a while now, but fortunately the transfer of power was relatively bloodless. Formerly the PR manager, we expect her to continue not putting up with your nonsense. Will she tell a joke at rehearsal? Hahahaha that is the joke.

Job description: The Manager is the leader of the band. They are in charge of organizing events and dealing with anyone who needs to be dealt with. The Manager tends to get their greedy little hands into a bit of everything.

Assistant Manager

Nancy Acosta

Qualifications: Nancy here is new to the officer corps, but don’t let that fool you (me), she also won’t take any of your cra…bcakes. Man. I just can’t catch a break! Between her and Natalie I fear for my safety.

Job description: The Assistant Manager, aside from assisting the Manager in any way necessary is in charge of planning social events and the famous trip to Davis for Picnic Day.


Areana Park

Qualifications: She took such good pictures last year, we decided to give her control of the bank account. Obviously. But really, Areana, I don’t think RDJ does birthday parties. That’s not in the budget. Waaiiiit

Job description: The treasurer is in charge of managing the band’s finances. Duh.


Amy Pan

Qualifications: Amy Pan. While her name invites all kinds of wordplay (pancakes. panhandler. panda. panacea? pancreas? amy tan?) she probably won’t like it. Oh well. Her attendance last year was beyond good, it was omnipresent, so she was a natural choice to have take attendance. (pan-fried. panko. pangea.)

Job description: The secretary takes minutes at officer meetings, takes attendance, writes letters when they need to be written, and supposedly sends out birthday cards on the birthdays of our members.


Ryland Fallon

Qualifications: With all the musical chairs going on with the rest of the positions, it’s nice to have one constant to hold on to… And that’s me! Aren’t you glad? Yayyy! Oh come on there aren’t even crickets around here.

Job description: The webslave is in charge of keeping the website up to date. They are also in charge of handling any problems with the mailing list, and being the laziest officer of them all.


Thinh Le & Kevin Perozo

Qualifications: So we’re doing something a little new this year, rolling Peptide into the Historian and Conductor positions. Thinh was peptide last year, and he also threatened to buy a camera for this year, so we think he’ll be fine as a Historian. Also, THIS Thinh man’s got COURAGE! Eh? Eh? Because like in the Wiz-HEART it was heart. Yes.

Kevin Perozo is a smooth operator with a built-in cool guy name (K-Pez) which serves a dual purpose of distinguishing him from any other Kevin. He is also our resident memeologist and curator of Pepbander rebuses.

Job description: The historians are in charge of taking pictures to document pep band events. They are also in charge of creating the quarterly (yearly) scrapbooks. Now, without the Peptide, they are in charge of being spirited and helping with new member integration.

Music Librarian

Chelly Herman

Qualifications: Chelly is another part of the flute junta that appears to have taken control of the band. She ran on a platform of making cloth satchels for our music, which is a great idea! I just feel a little disenfranchised for having memorized the book.

Job description: The music librarian is in charge of making, updating and distributing our music to pep band members.

Public Relations Manager

Lilla Orr

Qualifications: When she doesn’t have a case of the giggles, Lilla gets it done. Word on the street is, she started doing PR stuff before last year was even over! Another interesting tidbit: is the 5th in a line of Lillas. But, beneath that friendly, innocent exterior there lies a cold-blooded killer. A… killa.

JK, ask her for watermelon.

Job description: The PR manager is responsible for organizing events and promotions outside of athletics. This includes mostly community events.

Head Conductor

Thomas Butterweck

Qualifications: Another officer who’s had to suffer name jokes. Thomas is here to whip the band into shape! And we’re here to be the dead horses. But bless him for trying!

Job description: The head conductor keeps the other conductors in line, plans what music we need to rehearse and, obviously, conducts the band.


Kirk Wang

Qualifications: Now, we know what you’re gonna ask. “Is he trolling?” We’ve been trying to figure it out for years.

Job description: The Director, by virtue of being old and not an undergrad, adds that extra ounce of credibility when dealing with The Man.

You can find past officers here.