Helloooooo Pepband!

First things first, welcome to all of our new members and thank you for signing up for the UCSD Pepband: The Greatest Band in the Land!!! (“Better than suits.” -Barney Stinson)
It has been a busy Week 0, but we’ve really started things off with a bang! In addition to a plethora of on campus events, we got to cheer our sports teams to victory at not one, not two, but three Athletics events, and all of that just within our first week back!!! (D1 here we come!) Thank you to everyone who came out to join the band or show your support! Hopefully this week will serve as a bit of a cool down. :) Here’s a list of this week’s events!
Tuesday September 27th 

– First Rehearsal!!!

– RIMAC Green Room 7:00pm-10:00pm
Our first rehearsal of the year! Will include run-throughs of some of our most popular song and dance routines, officer introductions, and some general information about joining the band and our schedule for the Fall quarter.
Saturday October 1st
– PepCamp!!! (aka Pep-a-palooza)
– Marshall Field 12:30pm-8:00pm
Come out and join the Pepband for an all day festival of music, games, and snacks! A great opportuny for new and interested members to socialize, meet the band, try out some new music, and learn “The Way of the Pep” in a fun and interactive environment.
Sunday October 2nd
– Week 1 Percussion Workshop
RIMAC 4th Floor Conference Room 7:00pm-10:00pm
Interested in joining the Pepband’s percussion section? Join our percussionists this weekend for a personalized lesson on what it takes to keep that sweet peppy beat going, including inside tips, tricks, and a discussion of your instrumentation options!

Kevin (K-Pez) Perozo
UCSD Pepband


Helloooooo Pepband!

Hope everyone enjoyed a long and relaxing Summer vacation because it’s just about time to get back to school. Luckily for us, “Back to School” also means “Back to Pepband!”, and boy do we have a jam-packed first week back for you!!! Check out the Week 0 Schedule of Events to see all of the exciting gigs we have lined up, and then fill out the attendance form below:

^^^ Attendance! ^^^

Note: Our week zero rehearsals will be aimed primarily towards our returning members, but any new or interested members are welcome to stop by to join us. (Our official first rehearsal for new members will be held on Tuesday of Week 1, in the RIMAC Green Room from 7:00pm-9:30pm)

***NOTE TO RETURNING MEMBERS: Items written in blue have been designated as HIGH PRIORITY events by the Athletics Department that require high attendance from the band and other organizations, so we highly encourage you to join us for these three events if possible. Thank you! :)
Saturday September 17th 
– American Heart Association Walk!
-Corner of Park Bvld. and President’s Way 6:30am-9:00am, Call time: 6:15am (Contact Officers early if you need materials or an instrument from the closet.)
Sunday September 18th 
– Sixth College Welcome Week Kickoff
-Camp Snoopy 2:00pm-4:00pm, Closet time: 1:00pm, Call time 1:45pm

– Pre-Welcome Week Rehearsal
-RIMAC 4th Floor Conference Room 6:00pm-8:00pm
Monday September 19th 
– *** Triton Power Hour ***
-RIMAC Arena 11:00am-12:00pm, Closet time: 10:15am, Call time: 10:30am
Tuesday September 20th 
– RoC’s Sweet Spot

-Revelle Plaza by Blake Hall 1:00pm-2:00pm, Closet time: 12:00pm, Call time: 12:45pm

– Welcome Back Rehearsal

-RIMAC Green Room 7:00pm-10:00pm

Wednesday September 21st 
– Unolympics

-Spanos Field 1:00pm-3:45pm, Closet time: 12:00pm, Call time: 12:30pm

– *** Men’s Water Polo vs. Loyola Marymount ***

-Canyon View Pool 6:00pm-9:30pm, Closet time: 5:00pm, Call time: 5:45pm

Friday September 23rd 
– Village Block Party
-The Village 4:00pm-7:00pm, Closet time: 3:00pm, Call time: 3:45pm
Saturday September 24th
– *** Women’s Volleyball vs. Cal State San Marcos***
-RIMAC Arena 7:00pm-9:30pm, Closet time: 6:30pm, Call time: 6:45pm

I greatly look forward to seeing everyone again this week, and to all of our new members, welcome to the UCSD Pepband: The Greatest Band in the Land.


Kevin (K-Pez) Perozo
UCSD Pepband


Ooooooh pepband!
Thank you all for coming out last week to celebrate another year together! We missed all of those you that couldn’t make it, but we all had you there in spirit. Check out the last couple of gigs for the year! Please come help at the closet if you can :)

Fill out the attendance form. Here’s the pepcalendar!

  • You read that right! No rehearsal this week! If you wanted a yearbook but haven’t picked it up, please contact Harley or Laura. Let me know if you have additional concerns! I know you all need to spend some time studying or procrastinating (I see you).
Thursday June 2nd
  • MMW Blowout at ERC Middle Earth Call Time: 4:15pm. Closet Time: 3:45pm. (Ends 5:30pm)
    • Bring your Hawaiians and shirt and come out and play this Thursday! This mini fair features some cool snacks so make sure to partake!
Friday June 3rd
  • Revelle Watermelon Drop at Revelle Plaza. Call Time: 11:30am. Closet Time: 11am. (Ends 12:30pm)
    • Have an obsession with watermelon that you need to indulge? Looking to form an obsession over watermelon? Join us for this event! Hawaiians and shirts please.
That’s it folks! Thank you all for a super peppy year. Good luck with finals! If you haven’t had enough of me, come to graduation.

Sherry Diep
UCSD Pepband
(626) 679-1765
Hey Pepband,
With a couple last gigs rolling up and this school year looming extremely close, come pep up the end of the year this week!

Here’s the pepcalendar!

Tuesday May 24th
  • Rehearsal 7:45pm at the Green Room.
    • Ooh, is michief a brewin’ again this rehearsal? Perhaps. We can make sure it happens with your appearance!
Friday May 27th
  • Bandquet! at Karl Strauss (9675 Scranton Rd), 7pm. Meet at Sungod Lawn BY 6:15PM.
    • Our end of the year celebration for all your hardwork is here! Make sure you get to Sungod Lawn ON TIME, so we can start our celebration sooner. If you have any conflicts/are running late, please let an officer know, and see you all there!
If you’re peppy and you know it, send a snap of you clapping your hands.

Sherry Diep
UCSD Pepband
(626) 679-1765
Hello good pep sires and ladies,
I hope you all had an awesome weekend with all the food and mother’s day celebration! Check out what’s going on this week. If you’re planning to go to our end of the year bandquet, please fill out the bandquet form! If you are bringing a guest, your guest must also fill out the form.

Fill out the attendance form. Here’s the pepcalendar!

Tuesday May 10th
  • Rehearsal 7:45pm at the Green Room.
    • Elections are here! Come be a part of selecting the next officers to lead you all next year. Conductors are up this week, and you must be present to vote. Absentee ballots are available to those who have a good reason for missing it, so let an officer know if you will not be there asap!
Friday May 13th
  • Captain America at TBD.
    • I heard this had good reviews, so we must watch. Details to come!
Saturday May 14th
  • Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis 5K Walk at De Anza Cove Park. Call Time: 8:15. Closet Time: 8am (end ~10:30)
    Bring on the pep this week one more time!
Week 7 eh? Hang in there!

Sherry Diep
UCSD Pepband
(626) 679-1765

Hope you all had a fun weekend off! This week, our spirit is being called upon at a couple of really rad gigs. In fact, I heard there’s bound to be a lot of snacking involved…

Fill out the attendance form. Here’s the pepcalendar!

Tuesday May 3rd
  • Rehearsal 7:45pm at the Green Room.
    • Get your last nominations in this week!
Friday May 6th
  • Sixth College Chocolate Festival at Sixth College’s Camp Snoopy. Call Time: 12:15pm. Closet Time: 11:30am. (ends 1:30pm)
    • Come on by and play a few peppy tunes and then feast your eyes (or face?) on the chocolatest extravaganza of the season! All the sugar highs.
  • Preuss Benefit at Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa. Call Time: 4:45pm. Closet Time: 4:30pm. (ends 7pm)
    • The day’s not over yet gang! Join us at this benefit with your sharp looking pepshirt and Hawaiian plus DARK JEANS. That’s right, pepband get’s semi-classy. If you’re running over from class, make sure you arrive by 5:20pm latest! We’re going in parade style, playing Gimme Some Lovin’, the fight song, and Louie Louie. AND YOU GET FOOD. Thinh knows all of you on-campus kids are looking for meals as your dining dollars are dwindling…
Saturday May 7th
  • Transfer Triton Day at UCSD Bookstore. Call Time: 11:15am. Closet Time: 10:30am. (ends 2pm)
    • It’s Triton Day Part II, Return to the Silent Tree but We’re Not Actually Playing There. GUESS WHAT? It’s another gig with food! Please do us all a favor and fill this out!
Here’s to a well-fed, happy pepband! See you all where the food will be!

Sherry Diep
UCSD Pepband
(626) 679-1765
Good day to the peppiest folks I know!
Trying to get pumped for sun god? There’s no better way to do it than to feed off the energy of pepband members through the week to get you worked up.

Fill out the attendance form. Here’s the pepcalendar!

Tuesday April 26th
  • Rehearsal 7:45pm at the Concourse Lobby.
  • Take note that this rehearsal is going to be at the concourse lobby, which is located outside RIMAC Arena, near home plate. More nominations to come and information on each position, so ask questions and we will help answer!
Thursday April 28th
  • Grad Bookstore at Library Walk (in front of bookstore). Call Time: 5:30pm. Closet Time: 5:00pm. (6-7pm)
  • Feeling rather sentimental from last week’s Senior Night? Come play and see all the seniors at UCSD. All of them.
Got a pretty nice and short week! Have fun this upcoming weekend and see you all super soon.

Sherry Diep
UCSD Pepband
(626) 679-1765
Hi Pepband!
I hope you all enjoyed your Davis trip, battling it out super hard and meeting alumni! We’re getting closer to the end of the year, so come out and help close out with your peppiness.

Fill out the attendance form. Here’s the pepcalendar!

Tuesday April 19th
  • Rehearsal 7:45pm at the Green Room
  • First round of nominations are happening this rehearsal! If you’re planning to see if conducting is your calling, now’s the time to try it out. New tunes are a happening as well!
Friday April 22nd
  • Pepband Senior Night/Women’s Water polo vs SDSU at Canyonview Pool. Call Time: 5:30pm. Closet Time: 5:00pm. (6-8pm)
  • It’s the last atheltics event of the year, so come show your support! We’ll also be doing a little bit of senior appreciation, so make your way out here despite being hit hard by senioritis.
Saturday April 23rd
  • Linda Vista Multicultural Parade at 6900 Linda Vista Rd. Call Time: 9:30am at Loading Dock. Closet Time: 9:15am (back by 12:30pm)
  • Miss wiping out this at the parade in Davis? You don’t have to anymore since we have another parade this weekend. See you there with your shirt and Hawaiian!
That’s a wrap for the week!

Sherry Diep
UCSD Pepband
(626) 679-1765
Hi fellow Pepbanders,
Hope you all had a fine and dandy, cruisin’ and groovin’ first week of spring quarter. This all means one thing: we are one week closer to Davis. Check out this week’s events and prepare yourselves!

Fill out the attendance form. Here’s the pepcalendar!

Tuesday April 5th
  • Rehearsal 7:45pm at the Green Room
  • Inspired by some stroke of spirit and looking to get your pep on? Look no further than this week’s rehearsal!
Friday April 8th
  • Men’s Volleyball vs Long Beach State at RIMAC Arena Call Time: 6:30pm. Closet Time: 6:15pm. (7-9pm)
  • Woo back at it again with more men’s volleyball! Heard the sun might still be up when you get into RIMAC arena. Let me know!
Saturday April 9th
  • Triton Day at Library Walk Call Time:10:30am. Closet Time: 10:00am. (11-2:30pm)
  • Remember in years past when you were a wee lad/lass and UC San Diego was but another foreign word in your SAT-primed vocabulary? Now that you know what a Triton is, help enlighten next year’s class! Make sure you RSVP here to get food.
  • Men’s Volleyball vs CSUN at RIMAC Arena Call Time: 6:30pm. Closet Time: 6:15pm. (7-9pm)
  • Nothing like more volleyball to wrap up a spirited day! Also make sure you RSVP here to get food.
Sunday April 10th
  • Triton 5K at Revelle Plaza Call Time:8:30am. Closet Time: 8:00am. (9-10:30am)
  • Come out and cheer on fellow students as they take on the 5K!
What a packed week! Join us and brush up on music and your spirit as we wrap this year up! See you all super soon.

Sherry Diep
UCSD Pepband
(626) 679-1765
Happy spring quarter Pepband!
Hope you all had a nice week off and are super refreshed to get back into it. Thought the last two quarters were fun and exciting? Let’s make this one the peppiest yet! Here’s what’s going on this week:

Looking for the attendance sheet? We’ll include one for your merriment next week.

Tuesday March 29th
  • Rehearsal 7:45pm at the Green Room
  • Come prep for more gigs this quarter, especially for the huge Battle of the Bands at Davis!
Saturday April 2nd
  • Thrift Shopping for Davis 11am. Rides at Sungod Lawn 10:45am.
  • Forgot about designing your costume for Davis? Me too, so join us in the hunt for Davis attire! Please RSVP with Charles on Facebook.
Yay! Let’s get spring quarter started!

Sherry Diep
UCSD Pepband
(626) 679-1765