Hey guys,

We’re almost done with the quarter! I hope the end of the quarter hasn’t been too stressful, we have some good de-stressers for this week. :)

Tuesday, May 26th
  • Rehearsal @ Green Room, 7:45 pm. Come out and play a few arrangements and get in that practice time before our final two gigs that are next week!

Friday, May 29th

  • Bandquet!! Arterra within the Marriott, Del Mar.
  • Rides will begin at 5:45 pm from Sun God Lawn
  • If you cannot make this ride time, PLEASE let me or another officer know
  • Dinner will begin at 6:30 pm if you’re driving yourself
Hope to see you all on Tuesday an Friday! :D Tune in for my last few cheesy jokes.

Nancy Acosta
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Hey Guys!

We were able to get a few events setup for this week, so please make sure you come out! There may or may not be super sweet things that can be eaten at these events…. :D

Tuesday, May 19th
  • Sectional @ Green Room. Free game! If you want to practice, just come out :)
  • Rehearsal @ Green Room. 7:45 pm. We will be taking votes this rehearsal! make sure you come out and participate! :D
Friday, May 22nd
  • Relay for Life. Closet meet up 11:00 am. Call time @ UCSD Track Field 11:30 am. Much like Thursday’s event, these are all pretty awesome gigs were people do some awesome stuff for others. Please come out if you can <3
That concludes this week’s events. If you have any questions/comments/concerns please let me (o another officer) know! If you can’t make rehearsal, but you want to vote, CONTACT ME DIRECTLY.

Nancy “This is almost my last email” Acosta
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Hey Guys!

So it’s a suuuuuuuuuuuuper easy week. Only one day of pep </3 D:

Tuesday, May 12th
  • Sectional @ Green Room 7:45 pm. If you guys are interested in being conductor Tim will be there to guide you
  • Rehearsal @ Green Room 7:45 pm. We will be continuing nominations and explaining the voting process.
Also as a reminder, rehearsal will be the last time to pay for your UCSD Pepband mini yearbook thing. Our historians have been slaving away to make you all look good… so buy one! :D If you absolutely can’t go to rehearsal, but you still want one of these super awesome yearbooks, talk to Chelly! She’ll buy your soul. (Sorry, we don’t accept excess dining dollars)

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Hey Pepband,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and beyond awesome Sun God Festival. But now it’s time to get back to school, let’s finish this quarter strong! :D

Tuesday, May 5th
  • Sectional 7:00 pm @ Green Room. This week sectional is for the brass. Please remember if you’re interested in being conductor, come talk to Tim during this time!
  • Rehearsal 7:45 pm @ Green Room. We’re trying to figure out which songs should be going into the book! So come out and play with us for a while. We also have officer nominations! If you think you’ve got the stuff to be an officer have someone nominate you or nominate yourself (that’s a thing!)
Friday, May 8th
  • Avengers Age of Ultron @ Edward’s Mira Mesa IMAX. There’s an event on the Facebook group! All the details are posted there, also if you haven’t seen the previous Marvel Super Hero movies, there’s another event on Facebook. We’re re-watching them this week!
Saturday, May 9th
  • Triton Admit Day Part Dos. We have the second admit day (geared towards transfer students) this weekend. Closet call time is 10:00 am or 10:30 am @ the bookstore if you do not need anything from the closet. Please bring water! This is a long event.
That’s it for this week folks! Keep in mind nominations are this week during rehearsal. If you need a run down of how nominations work, you can talk to any of the officers (they should know how it works). If you have any other questions/comments/concerns please let me know!
Nancy Acosta
(626) 290-5515

Hey Guys,

I hope you had a great last week! In honor of the Almighty Sun God (for not letting it rain at Davis)

Tuesday, April 28th
  • Sectional @ 4th Floor Conference Room, 7:00 pm. Woodwinds this time around
  • Rehearsal @ 4th Floor Conference Room, 7:45 pm.
Friday, May 1st
  • Sixth College Chocolate Festival. Closet call time: 12 pm, Sixth College (Camp Snoopy) call time: 12:30 pm. If you guys can, please help us carry stuff from the closet to Camp Snoopy. Also prepare your bodies for chocolate.
I hope to see you guys at this week’s events (and at Sun God :D ). Also please try to make it to rehearsal this week. We have a few special announcements that pertain to next year. Also, good luck with midterms! :)
Nancy Acosta
(626) 290-5515

Hey everyone,

I want to sincerely thank all of you for making this Picnic Day one of the best ones yet. You guys sounded great out there and everyone knows it! We got so many compliments about how good our arrangements were and how we basically rocked it. But we still have the rest of this quarter ahead of us!

Tuesday, April 20th
  • Grad Nite @ UCSD Bookstore. Closet call 5:00 pm, Bookstore call time 5:30 pm. If you’ve got the time come out and help us entertain some of the seniors that are about to spend a crap ton of money buying things (hopefully for the last time) from the bookstore! Also, did I mention pizza?
Thursday, April 23rd
  • Hall of Champions Gig. So this is a kinda weird gig, we will be cheering on the UCSD team that is competing in some sort of academic competition. Come out if you can! :D Closet call time is 2:30 pm, Loading dock call time is 3:00 pm We’ll get more details about this event as it comes!
Saturday, April 25th
  • Linda Vista Multicultural Parade. Natalie will be sending out an email about this later today or tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled.
That’s it for this week, If you guys have any questions or concerns please let us know.
Nancy Acosta
(626) 290-5515

Hey all you lovely people,

I’m sending this email out a little early because I don’t want you guys to panic and freak out. But it’s almost time for Davis! ~ I hope you’ve been prepping your costumes. If not, you can still come help with decorations and make your costumes on Saturday at 12 pm. Here are next week’s events:

Tuesday, April 14th
  • Sectionals  7:00pm @ Green Room.
  • Rehearsal 7:45pm @ Green Room.
Thursday, April 16th
  • Super Secret Surprise 9:00 pm @ Sun God Lawn. Come out to Sun God Lawn (at night). This event won’t take long, and it’s extremely important that you new kids go. You won’t want to miss it!
The packing list is as follows:
  • 2 non-transparent, reusable water bottles (mandatory)
  • Pepband t-shirt (no hawaiians)
  • Jeans/shorts
  • Costume
  • Instrument and music (print out what you need or talk to Corey)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • Warm Clothes, umbrella/poncho/trash bag (in case it rains)
  • Comfortable Shoes (you’re gonna be standing all day)
  • Flashlight or other light source
  • Toiletries
  • $$ for a couple fast food meals and optional Battle of the Bands T-shirt. (bring about $40)
  • 2 days worth of clothes
  • Music for the ride
  • DVDs for everyone on the bus to enjoy
  • Day Pack
  • Textbooks/homework (if you’re gonna be that person haha)

If you have class on Friday morning, you can still come. We’re planning on leaving as soon as the bus is packed up, so please be there before 11 am.  I’ve attached an itinerary and room assignments for the weekend below.

If you guys have any questions/concerns, please ask one of the officers. Good luck finishing your costumes!
Nancy Acosta

Hey guys,

I hope week 1 went well for you guys, I also hope a lot of you had fun at Triton Day (and didn’t get burned too badly). This week is a pretty easy week for us :D

Tuesday, April 7th
  • Sectional 7:00 pm @ the Dugout. This week’s sectional belongs to the brass. Get in all the practice time you can get before Davis!
  • Rehearsal 7:45 pm @ the Dugout. Only 2 more rehearsals until Davis, are you ready? :o Make sure you come to rehearsal so we can practice moving around and playing the intro.
Saturday, April 11th
  • Davis decorations 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. This is the last decorations session we’ll be having so come out and help us finish our signs! Also, bring your costume stuff and we can make it a costume making party as well. We’ll be meeting up at the closet and then moving out stuff outside the green room.
That’s it for this week’s events, if you guys have any questions or concerns please let us know! If you need help getting clearance to reschedule a test at another time talk to Kirk. Also, be on the lookout for the big Davis email that I know all of you are looking forward to, I’ll send it out later this week.
(626) 290-5515

Hey Guys,

I hope you had a restful and awesome spring break! To help you get back into school mode we have an exciting and extremely busy week ahead of us.

Monday, March 30th
  • Hilton Wake Up Call – We’ve been asked to be the wake up call for some kind of conference/meeting this being held at the Torrey Pines Hilton Hotel. The call time for rides (Sun God Lawn) is 6:30am sharp if you’re not there you will have gotten up for nothing. If you’re gonna just get yourself there, be there by 7am and try to be secretive! Don’t wear your hawaiians walking up to the place.
Tuesday, March 31st
  • Sectional 7:00 pm, Green Room. This quarter the woodwinds will kick off the sectionals. It’s a perfect time to memorize the Davis theme! :D
  • Rehearsal 7:45 pm, Green Room. These next few rehearsals we will be having are the most crucial! We will be practicing our intro, as well as other songs that are widely enjoyed at the Battle of the Bands
Thursday, April 2nd
  • Women’s Water Polo. Closet Call time is 5:00 pm, if you have the opportunity, please help people move the drum equipment down to the pool. Otherwise call time is 5:30 pm at the Canyonview Pool.
Saturday, April 4th
  • Triton Admit Day. Closet Call: 9:00 am. We will be moving around campus a lot so make sure you bring water and sunscreen! This is one of the days where everyone has a bunch of school spirit, all the clubs are out and trying to get freshmen to join before they’re even here (we’re doing that too haha) If you can’t make it on time get in contact with me or one of the officers, we’ll let you know where we are.
  • Volleyball. Meet up time: 6:30 pm Let’s cheer on the guys for their last home game! (for realsies this time) against CSU Long Beach.
I hope to see a lot of you guys at this week’s events. Try to get in as much practice as possible before Davis! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask me or one of your section leaders/officers
Nancy Acosta
(626) 290-5515

Hey guys,

I hope this quarter hasn’t been too rough for you. You’ve almost made it! We only have a few things this week to keep getting ready for Davis.

Tuesday, March 10
  • Bonfire. This week instead of rehearsal we’ll be having a bonfire at La Jolla Shores. We will be serving some food! :D If you need a ride, please meet up at Sun God Lawn at 7:15 pm. Rides will start leaving soon after that.
Thursday, March 12th
  • Women’s Water Polo. Our team will be taking on CSUN. Make sure you come out and help us cheer them on. Also, bring a sweater it tends to get a little chilly in the late afternoons/evenings. Closet time: 5:00 pm; Pool call time: 5:30 pm
Saturday, March 14th
  • Davis Decorations. Don’t forget to come out and help us paint our Davis decorations :D We’ll need all the help we can get! We will be making decorations from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm so feel free to stop by at any point during those times.
As a reminder, please make sure you talk to Chelly about Davis (if you need to), and make sure you purchase anything you need for your costume over break. If I don’t get to see you guys this week, I hope you kick butt on finals!

Nancy “I go to bed early” Acosta
(626) 290-5515