Helloooo Pepband,

Hope you all have been enjoying this lovely weekend. It was nice to see you all at our mini pepcamp last week, so who’s ready to spice up some of our gigs this week?!

Fill out the attendance form. Here’s the Pepcalendar!

Tuesday October 6th
  • Women’s Volleyball vs. Cal Poly Pomona Call Time: 6:30pm at RIMAC Arena. Closet Time: 6:15pm (7-9pm)
    That’s right folks! We have a women’s volleyball game this Tuesday, so there’s NO REHEARSAL this week. I suppose it could be stew soon for another joke from me…
Friday October 9th Pirate Night
  • Women’s Volleyball vs. Cal State East Bay Call Time: 6:30pm at RIMAC Arena. Closet Time: 6:15pm (7-9pm)
    Bring your best impression of a pirate at sea; leave your Hawaiians at home and dress up for a fashionable night as we cheer on the volleyball team. I expect to see so many striped shirts that the opposing team mistaken us for the net. They must finally serve it over here. All pep on deck!
Saturday October 10th
  • Women’s Volleyball vs. SF State Call Time: 6:30pm at RIMAC Arena. Closet Time: 6:15pm (7-9pm).
This wraps up our events of the week. I’ll see you all then!

Sherry Diep
UCSD Pepband
(626) 679-1765

Hi Pepband!

Thank you all for coming to the week 0 gigs and helping us start the school year with a good dose of pep! Here’s what we have for this week:

Tuesday September 29th
  • Rehearsal at Concourse Lobby (outside between RIMAC and Home Plate). 7:45-10pm
    That’s right folks, it’s our first official rehearsal of the school year! Come out and play some music with us. We will be having pizzas after rehearsal, so if you’re new, here’s your chance to get to know and become a part of the Pepband!
Saturday October 3rd
  • Mini Pepcamp at Marshall Field/La Jolla Shores. 10am-2pm/2pm~7pm. Closet instrument pick-ups at 9:30am.
    Not sure of the words to UCSD’s fight song? Haven’t had time to check us out? Unclear about the name of the person conducting and realize you’re confused because there are actually two conductors? Join us in finding your inner pep spirit through playing music, eating free food, and playing games! Bring plenty of water and sunscreen, and don’t forget your instrument and beach gear.

Let us know if you’ll be going by filling out this attendance survey!

For those who would like to view upcoming events for the quarter, you can view the calendar here.

See you all soon!

Sherry Diep
UCSD Pepband
(626) 679-1765

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are as pumped as I am to start the new school year—you might even say I’m ready for a little peptalk to get in the spirit.


Sunday September 20th
  • Rehearsal at The Dugout (RIMAC Annex). 7-9pm
    Come out to our first event of the year in preparation for the gigs this week! New and old, I can’t wait to see you all. If you can’t make it to this event, don’t be afraid to join us at other gigs to show your spirit!
Monday September 21st
  • Triton Power Hour Call Time: 10am at RIMAC Arena. Closet Time: 9:45am (10:30-11:30am).
    Doors open at 10:30, so get in early and get ready to set up and play where we set up for basketball games!
  • Get the Dirt Involvement Fair Call Time: 2pm at Revelle Plaza. Closet Time: 1:30pm (2:30-3:30pm).
    Here’s the chance to spark the interest of new Revelle students by getting loud as they check out school organizations.
Tuesday September 22nd
  • Unolympics Call Time: 12:30pm at Spanos Track Field (north of RIMAC). Closet Time: 12pm (1:00-3 or 4pm).
    We will be playing on and off during this gig, but please bring water since we will be outside for a while.
  • Women’s Volleyball vs. Cal State San Bernardino Call Time: 6:30pm at RIMAC Arena. Closet Time: 6:15pm (7-9pm)
Wednesday September 23rd
  • Men’s Water Polo vs. Loyola Marymount Call Time: 5:30pm at Canyonview Pool. Closet Time: 5pm (6-8pm).
Thursday September 24th
  • SAC Carnival Call Time: 8:30pm at Warren Student Activity Center. Closet Time: 8pm (9-10pm).
    Let’s get spirited at the carnival fun and games!
Friday September 25th
  • Women’s Volleyball vs. Cal State L.A. Call Time: 6:30pm at RIMAC Arena. Closet Time: 6:15pm (7-9pm).
Saturday September 26th
  • Women’s Volleyball vs. Cal State Dominguez Hills Call Time: 6:30pm at RIMAC Arena. Closet Time: 6:15pm (7-9pm).
This wraps up week 0. See you soon Pepband!

Sherry Diep
UCSD Pepband
(626) 679-1765

Hey guys,

We’re almost done with the quarter! I hope the end of the quarter hasn’t been too stressful, we have some good de-stressers for this week. :)

Tuesday, May 26th
  • Rehearsal @ Green Room, 7:45 pm. Come out and play a few arrangements and get in that practice time before our final two gigs that are next week!

Friday, May 29th

  • Bandquet!! Arterra within the Marriott, Del Mar.
  • Rides will begin at 5:45 pm from Sun God Lawn
  • If you cannot make this ride time, PLEASE let me or another officer know
  • Dinner will begin at 6:30 pm if you’re driving yourself
Hope to see you all on Tuesday an Friday! :D Tune in for my last few cheesy jokes.

Nancy Acosta
(626) 290-5515

Hey Guys!

We were able to get a few events setup for this week, so please make sure you come out! There may or may not be super sweet things that can be eaten at these events…. :D

Tuesday, May 19th
  • Sectional @ Green Room. Free game! If you want to practice, just come out :)
  • Rehearsal @ Green Room. 7:45 pm. We will be taking votes this rehearsal! make sure you come out and participate! :D
Friday, May 22nd
  • Relay for Life. Closet meet up 11:00 am. Call time @ UCSD Track Field 11:30 am. Much like Thursday’s event, these are all pretty awesome gigs were people do some awesome stuff for others. Please come out if you can <3
That concludes this week’s events. If you have any questions/comments/concerns please let me (o another officer) know! If you can’t make rehearsal, but you want to vote, CONTACT ME DIRECTLY.

Nancy “This is almost my last email” Acosta
(626) 290-5515

Hey Guys!

So it’s a suuuuuuuuuuuuper easy week. Only one day of pep </3 D:

Tuesday, May 12th
  • Sectional @ Green Room 7:45 pm. If you guys are interested in being conductor Tim will be there to guide you
  • Rehearsal @ Green Room 7:45 pm. We will be continuing nominations and explaining the voting process.
Also as a reminder, rehearsal will be the last time to pay for your UCSD Pepband mini yearbook thing. Our historians have been slaving away to make you all look good… so buy one! :D If you absolutely can’t go to rehearsal, but you still want one of these super awesome yearbooks, talk to Chelly! She’ll buy your soul. (Sorry, we don’t accept excess dining dollars)

(626) 290-5515

Hey Pepband,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and beyond awesome Sun God Festival. But now it’s time to get back to school, let’s finish this quarter strong! :D

Tuesday, May 5th
  • Sectional 7:00 pm @ Green Room. This week sectional is for the brass. Please remember if you’re interested in being conductor, come talk to Tim during this time!
  • Rehearsal 7:45 pm @ Green Room. We’re trying to figure out which songs should be going into the book! So come out and play with us for a while. We also have officer nominations! If you think you’ve got the stuff to be an officer have someone nominate you or nominate yourself (that’s a thing!)
Friday, May 8th
  • Avengers Age of Ultron @ Edward’s Mira Mesa IMAX. There’s an event on the Facebook group! All the details are posted there, also if you haven’t seen the previous Marvel Super Hero movies, there’s another event on Facebook. We’re re-watching them this week!
Saturday, May 9th
  • Triton Admit Day Part Dos. We have the second admit day (geared towards transfer students) this weekend. Closet call time is 10:00 am or 10:30 am @ the bookstore if you do not need anything from the closet. Please bring water! This is a long event.
That’s it for this week folks! Keep in mind nominations are this week during rehearsal. If you need a run down of how nominations work, you can talk to any of the officers (they should know how it works). If you have any other questions/comments/concerns please let me know!
Nancy Acosta
(626) 290-5515

Hey Guys,

I hope you had a great last week! In honor of the Almighty Sun God (for not letting it rain at Davis)

Tuesday, April 28th
  • Sectional @ 4th Floor Conference Room, 7:00 pm. Woodwinds this time around
  • Rehearsal @ 4th Floor Conference Room, 7:45 pm.
Friday, May 1st
  • Sixth College Chocolate Festival. Closet call time: 12 pm, Sixth College (Camp Snoopy) call time: 12:30 pm. If you guys can, please help us carry stuff from the closet to Camp Snoopy. Also prepare your bodies for chocolate.
I hope to see you guys at this week’s events (and at Sun God :D ). Also please try to make it to rehearsal this week. We have a few special announcements that pertain to next year. Also, good luck with midterms! :)
Nancy Acosta
(626) 290-5515

Hey everyone,

I want to sincerely thank all of you for making this Picnic Day one of the best ones yet. You guys sounded great out there and everyone knows it! We got so many compliments about how good our arrangements were and how we basically rocked it. But we still have the rest of this quarter ahead of us!

Tuesday, April 20th
  • Grad Nite @ UCSD Bookstore. Closet call 5:00 pm, Bookstore call time 5:30 pm. If you’ve got the time come out and help us entertain some of the seniors that are about to spend a crap ton of money buying things (hopefully for the last time) from the bookstore! Also, did I mention pizza?
Thursday, April 23rd
  • Hall of Champions Gig. So this is a kinda weird gig, we will be cheering on the UCSD team that is competing in some sort of academic competition. Come out if you can! :D Closet call time is 2:30 pm, Loading dock call time is 3:00 pm We’ll get more details about this event as it comes!
Saturday, April 25th
  • Linda Vista Multicultural Parade. Natalie will be sending out an email about this later today or tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled.
That’s it for this week, If you guys have any questions or concerns please let us know.
Nancy Acosta
(626) 290-5515

Hey all you lovely people,

I’m sending this email out a little early because I don’t want you guys to panic and freak out. But it’s almost time for Davis! ~ I hope you’ve been prepping your costumes. If not, you can still come help with decorations and make your costumes on Saturday at 12 pm. Here are next week’s events:

Tuesday, April 14th
  • Sectionals  7:00pm @ Green Room.
  • Rehearsal 7:45pm @ Green Room.
Thursday, April 16th
  • Super Secret Surprise 9:00 pm @ Sun God Lawn. Come out to Sun God Lawn (at night). This event won’t take long, and it’s extremely important that you new kids go. You won’t want to miss it!
The packing list is as follows:
  • 2 non-transparent, reusable water bottles (mandatory)
  • Pepband t-shirt (no hawaiians)
  • Jeans/shorts
  • Costume
  • Instrument and music (print out what you need or talk to Corey)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • Warm Clothes, umbrella/poncho/trash bag (in case it rains)
  • Comfortable Shoes (you’re gonna be standing all day)
  • Flashlight or other light source
  • Toiletries
  • $$ for a couple fast food meals and optional Battle of the Bands T-shirt. (bring about $40)
  • 2 days worth of clothes
  • Music for the ride
  • DVDs for everyone on the bus to enjoy
  • Day Pack
  • Textbooks/homework (if you’re gonna be that person haha)

If you have class on Friday morning, you can still come. We’re planning on leaving as soon as the bus is packed up, so please be there before 11 am.  I’ve attached an itinerary and room assignments for the weekend below.

If you guys have any questions/concerns, please ask one of the officers. Good luck finishing your costumes!
Nancy Acosta